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Temperature Blanket Details!

High Temperatures Results and HOW TO for January 2018
We LOVE to say in Minnesota that our weather is only for the stout, hardy and cray-cray type of people. UFF DA! Right?! Can I get an Amen from the locals?  Blink and our weather will change.  Take a nap to cold and rainy, wake up to sunshine and balmy.  Winter time brings about rain, slush and snow and sometimes a thunderstorm all in one day.  You never know in Minne-SNOW-ta!
What I learned knitting January temps is we ranged from a HIGH temp of -12 (yes, that's BELOW 0) to a balmy snow melting HIGH temp of 46 degrees F. 
What started this knitting project for 2018? So I saw a Facebook post last week about a crochet rainbow looking blanket that was made according to the maker's temperatures and I did some searching. I didn't come up with much as far as a pattern or formula to follow so I came up with my own. Then I thought, well why not share? Lots of friends on FB asked me to tell them what to do to make their own blan…

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